Decorative Window

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Shading with the pencil can add a lot of depth and dimension.Decorative Window pp

The Struggle

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A little different approach to an abstract.The Struggle pp

Twists and Turns

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Continue to enjoy the Zentangle creative process.

Continue to enjoy the Zentangle creative process.

Good Thoughts

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Continue to try to work lettering and words into my Zentangle Inspired Art.  Definitely a challenge.

Another alphabet work

Another alphabet work

The Alphabet

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ZIA = Zentangle Influenced Art

Working on bringing words and lettering into my work.  Having to practice my once done calligraphy, as it has been a while.The Alphabet

Petals in the Rain

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ZIA – Zentangle Inspired Art

“words have wings to speak good things”

-Nancy V. Revelle

A Zentangle Influenced Art

A Zentangle Influenced Art

Corner of the Garden

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“Geometric shapes – like triangles and circles – are great ‘building blocks for patterns, and can be used to create horizontal, vertical and overall fill patterns without needing to consider their orientation.  In other words they can be placed without worrying if they are upside down or right side up.”

-Zenspirations, Letters and Patterning, Joanne FinkCorner of the Garden ppp


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“I never really begin a work with a plan in mind.  I like to start with a circle or string and let the work develop as it goes.  Often work on image from several different directions.  It can begin in one direction and end up looking better in a totally different one.”

_June Crawford, Zen Doodle, edited by Tonia Jenny and Amy Jones

ZIA, Zentangle Inspired Art

ZIA, Zentangle Inspired Art

A Park Like Place

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Favorites Favorites pp

More Patterns

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“Look for the positive in all situations.  Perfection isn’t all its cracked up to be!”

-Lynnita K. Knoch